Crucifixion Quake

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A geologist goes on a 20 year quest to determine if the physical events reported on the day of the Crucifixion happened as narrated.



After a brush with death, a Geologist seeks meaning for his life. Due to a chance encounter with the Bible, he realizes that the earthquake reported by the Gospel of Matthew in the moments after Jesus’ death can be studied scientifically. Along the way, he must overcome skepticism, media sensationalism,  academic apathy, and personal challenges to achieve his goal to understand if the timing of physical events on the day of the crucifixion – darkness, an earthquake, and a lunar eclipse – happened as reported    ….    or not. Interviews with the leading Scientists and New Testament Scholars provide background for a fascinating take on the most influential story in human history.

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    1. Press cc on the embedded trailer. These captions are generated by a machine so there are some mistakes. To see mistake free captions, select closed captions in the link where the film shows on Amazon, youtube movies, Google Play or TubiTV. Links to these are at the top of the page of this post

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